Red Beets



Red beets are produced from an edible root as well as edible leaves, 10-12 inch red and green stems, smooth, bulbous root. Small or medium beets are generally more softer than larger ones. Beets also contain sugar component in them so that’s why they are sweet in taste.


Beets are available in the summer and fall months. 

Current Facts

The Red beet, Beta vulgaris, belongs to Chenopodiaceae family. The color of the Red beetroot is due to a lot of betalain pigments. 

Nutritional Value

The betalin pigments helps in body's detoxification process along with small nutrient groups. 


Red beets when slow roasted or steamed they are best in taste. They make well make up with a wide variety of proteins, spices and other vegetables including cheese, bacon, smoked fish, walnuts, horseradish, chives and citrus. They can also be pickled. The leaves are commonly used as a pot herb or as a braising green. 


The Wild beet, is native to North Africa and grew wild along Asian and European seashores. Beets grows in a cold climate although they are heat resistant. They can be harvested any time during their growth cycle. the Faster the beets growth, the better the flavor would be.