Methods of Cooking


Methods of Cooking Vegetables


Vegetables can be peeled or scrubbed and cooked with the skin on, baked in an oven proof dish- open or covered. They can be wrapped in foil and baked or grilled.


Vegetables are placed over boiling water in a container with holes in the bottom to allow the steam to get through.


Most nutrients are lost by boiling. To minimize the loss, start with boiling water then simmer with the lid on.


Place vegetables far enough away from the heat to avoid burning and broil until just tender and brown.


Maximum nutrient retention. Use a minimum of oil, a high heat, and keep stirring. Cook only until tender and serve immediately.

Pressure Cooking 

Requires a pressure cooker. Nutrient loss is minimal because cooking time is short but you can overcook the vegetables.

Microwave Cooking

Cut vegetables in uniform pieces, place in a suitable dish, and cover the top with plastic wrap. Put a few holes in to let some of the steam escape