Our Story

Our Story 

For fifteen years Farmer Txong Yang and his parents have operated a four acre piece of land at Flats Mentor Farm. Working with his parents since he was young, what began as a casual summer activity has blossomed into a burgeoning small farm business— now proudly distributing to six farmer’s markets within the surrounding Boston area

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New Song Farms

Embracing the farming lifestyle, we’re rebuilding our community with our vegetables and produce. By fostering the relationship we each have with nature, through positivity, we proudly offer fresh locally grown crops that are found throughout the world.

By introducing foods from different cultures, but that are grown with care locally, we can connect our community to the world & enchanting their cultural perspective through food. We are the next generation of food producers, and take responsibility to enrich our community, sharing the path to a better life. Our voice brings a New Song to how we think about food. 

Flats Mentor Farm

Seven Bridge Rd. Lancaster, MA 01523

Flats Mentor Farm (FMF) is the home of World Farmers, a non-profit that is dedicated to supporting immigrants, and teaching them how to become successful commercial farmers!

 Aerial view of Flats Mentor Farm.

Aerial view of Flats Mentor Farm.