Squash Blossoms

Squash Blossoms

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The male flower of a squash plant is so delicate. It varies in shades of yellow and orange, they are tasty when freshly picked. Offering a similar flavor to that of the squash it produces, the flower's taste is milder. Having surprisingly meaty petals, edible squash blossoms may be enjoyed from both summer and winter squash. 


It is yearly available with summer season. 

Current Facts

The blossoms of all squash plants are edible, though zucchini squash are the most common source of macho blossoms. Having very meaty petals, edible squash blossoms may be eater from both summer and winter squash. 

Nutritional Value

It is lower in calories and sodium, macho squash blossoms are higher in fiber. It is full of vitamin A, they offer a good source of iron, potassium, vitamin C, calcium and contain beta carotene. 


They should be used after purchasing and can be used in Pizza, soup and deserts. Stuff with cheeses, herbs, meat or seafood. Batter or bread and deep-fry, with the remaining stem intact for ease of preparation. Keep cool and dry until ready to use. 


Mostly common in Southwestern and Mexican cuisines, macho squash blossoms are liked by the Mexican-American community. Macho blossoms are also popular in Italian cooking and in California cooking outlook.